Is Live Streaming For You?

Taking advantage of  and building an audience through live video

I need to admit something…I’m old.  I don’t get these kids and their new-fangled fascination with live streaming. That said, and in all seriousness, I openly acknowledge that live streaming is having a huge impact on media consumption and accounts for two-thirds of all internet traffic.  Whether it’s Facebook Live streams of breaking events, the “Go Live” button on YouTube, or it’s Twitch streaming of gaming, live video is not just the future, it is the reality of modern media and you should be using it.


Accessibility Is Driving Consumption

Due to a huge increase in mobile access and high speed on those mobile devices, we now can access or stream anything from anywhere.  More importantly, you can interact with people who are streaming.  While I had long held that only sports and news needs to be seen live, the ability to communicate live with a streamer is the reason live streaming works for so many.


This is why I believe that nearly every company should be experimenting with live streaming.  Have you noticed the Go Live button or “Live Video” option on every social site?  This is because live video traffic is up year over year.

The big players in video are now promoting when users live stream by pushing their content to the top of their pages.  So if you want to be seen you need to stream.


Where To Start

You could start small and simply post a live video of you doing a client visit, or maybe you do a quick live AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) where you respond to questions you get from the audience.  No matter where you are, you should try a few new things to see what you can do.

Another option is to turn your next blog into a live stream.  Go through your main points and post it as part of the blog post itself.  Track your stats and see where it takes you.


The Downside Of Streaming And Ways To Avoid Them

While live streaming is all the rage, there is a downside.  First off, as with everything on the internet, it is permanent.  If you mess up your brand or messaging in a live stream while someone is watching you, you cannot edit it out.  Because of that, you must be eloquent, confident and you must have a point to what you are saying.

The other downside is that you must learn to multitask.  As I said audiences love llive streaming because they are interactive.   You cannot just create a monologue, you must interact with your audience.  This means reading what they are saying and responding when appropriate.

Be sure to check out our live streaming tips & tricks to stay ahead of the game.


Just Do It

So now that we understand the impact streaming is having and how to get started, it may just be time to infuse live streaming into your marketing plan.  It’s a great way to connect with your audience and take advantage of a growing new online trend.

If you are interested in live streaming, give us a call and be sure to check out our blog on tips for live streamers.



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