Live Streaming Tips and Tricks

Easy Ways To Take Advantage Of Live Streaming on Facebook and Youtube

Livestreaming is taking online communication to a new and more interactive level.  While the rewards for live streaming can be great and build bridges not available before, there are a few risks.

Here are just a few tips on reducing the risks when live streaming:


Pay Attention To Your Audio

I say this for any video your produce, but the value of high quality audio cannot be understated. With recorded audio you can simply re-record the audio or cover it with a track. However, in a live format you are doing one take.

One positive about the live setup is that if your audio is subpar, your audience can tell you.  You may want to ask your audience or have someone monitoring your audio or if you are using a service use their built-in monitoring tools.  And always, always, always test your audio and that of your guests before you go live.


Be Organized

Come to your live stream prepared to monologue.  In most situations you should get audience feedback and questions, but if you don’t be prepared to present relevant information to your audience the whole time.

An organized presentation tells your audience that you value their time.


Ask Questions

No one likes a know-it-all so come ready to ask questions or get responses from the audience.  The live format of video is powerful if it actually embraces a dialogue.

Don’t be so structured that you are not willing to address the concerns of your audience.  Many conversations can go in the right direction if you listen as much as you speak.

These are just a few tips about live streaming.  As you learn more, please leave your comments and suggestions and let us know what you are learning.


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