Tech giants launch the Dynamic Learning Project
Training and support to bring technology into the classroom.


Smartphones, computers, and other connected devices are the norm for nearly every student in US classrooms.  As this technology moves deeper into the classroom, the opportunities to increase the level of student engagement has emerged.

That is why eResources, through the customized platform Orchestrate, is excited to have launched a new ongoing project designed to bring technology into the classroom.  This is all part of a new initiative spearheaded by tech giants Ed Tech TeamGoogle for Education, and Digital Promise.

The Dynamic Learning Project helps schools, teachers, and administrators to better utilize technology in the classroom.  By providing coaching for school districts the Dynamic Learning Project aims to ensure “every teacher has the hands-on support they need to meet system-wide initiatives and bring digital skills to life for each student.”

Just The Beginning

While still in an early phase, the Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) site launched in February 2019.  The Orchestrate platform aims to be the foundation for the process of handling the intake of schools, administrators, and staff.  

Accepting Applicants Now

The DLP landing page is now accepting sign-ups for those interested in mentoring for the 2019/2020 cohort.  The site also has information regarding a 2-day summer conference and other tools available to support teachers moving forward.

It is an honor to work on a project that improves learning and education.  We are excited to join great tech and education innovators as they grow in launching the next stage of this project.


The Dynamic Learning Project (DLP) is about coaching and change management. The program addresses issues of technology use, equity and career readiness in all schools across the nation.

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