Nimble Development Requires A Nimble Strategy

Sometimes You Need A Quick Solution To Take Advantage of Opportunity

Technology and digital messaging move very fast. Taking advantage of that speed is what makes you great in marketing.  Gone are the days of putting a plan together, copy-editing the piece over months, sending it off to a design team to iterate on, getting feedback from multiple teams, printing marketing materials, and then trickling out your marketing over months.

Now it’s about being responsive to opportunity and to market forces.  And the only way to do that is with quick turnaround of ideas.

A Recipe For Disaster?

eResources works with a lot of trusted partners.  We work on a long term strategy that will get them to their goals.  But recently we had a client approach us with an unclear gameplan, timeline, and not-yet-finalized content.

What could have been a setup for disaster turned into an opportunity to take advantage of an announcement on a national stage, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling.  Even without knowing the outcome of the ruling we were able to do some pre-launch pieces that made a roll out possible in just over 24 hours.


The Nimble Response Solution

Despite similar organizations spending upwards of 2 weeks on development, we were able to turn around a responsive form that captured the audience in a window that captured the public zeitgeist.  All of this was possible because we knew the objectives and could quickly implement a vision that we were bought into.


When You Can Plan

Ideally you will have time to plan a path to execute a marketing plan.  But sometimes, when the factors are out of your control, you have to rely on a partner that can quickly implement a gameplan. That is only possible when that partner is aligned and understands your vision and mission.

If you are looking for a partner that knows your mission and vision, give us a call.  Let’s walk through a plan that gives you options when opportunities arise.



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